The Checklist
  • The Description: Read carefully to fully understand the terms of the audition.
  • The Look: Be aware of any dress codes associated with each audition.
  • The Location: Know where you’re going and map directions beforehand.
  • The Requirements: Be sure you qualify for the audition and come fully prepared.
  • Schedule Your Audition: Make an appointment for your audition via phone or email and include your name and phone number in all correspondence.
Overview of Current Audition Opportunities

► Moore Dance Project, Central Florida’s first and only African-American professional dance ensemble (modern/contemporary), seeks experienced, mature, athletic African-American dancers to perform in upcoming 2012-2013 Season of Dance, including regional tours scheduled throughout Florida. Dancers must be physically fit, and well-trained in modern, ballet, jazz and/or contemporary.

► The Center for Contemporary Dance is auditioning dancers ages 6 – 18 for the following opportunities: Pre-Professional Program (ages 9-18), Competition Ensemble (ages 6-18), Pre-Professional Company (ages 9-18) and Professional Apprenticeship (ages 16+).  Candidates must wear form-fitting black dance attire; ballet shoes are required.  Following the audition, parents and students will have the opportunity to speak at length with the Directors to learn more about program requirements. To schedule your participation, please e-mail with the names and ages of all audition candidates.  Accepted candidates will enter programs in August of 2013.

► The Center for Contemporary Dance offers a performance-based education without recitals. All students, regardless of age or skill level, have the opportunity to participate in a professionally-developed Winter Concert that takes place on Saturday, December 22 at the Trinity Preparatory School. In addition to participating in dance works developed by faculty choreographers, students who aspire to choreograph their own dances are encouraged to audition a sample of their work.