Unless otherwise stated in the audition notice, candidates should:

  1. Call or email to schedule and confirm your audition.
  2. Bring a headshot and résumé to the audition.
  3. Wear form-fitting black dancewear.
  4. Arrive 15-minutes early to complete potential paperwork.
  5. Once in the audition room, get yourself warm and ready to dance.
  6. Focus on yourself, not other dancers; avoid unnecessary talking.
  7. Smile and greet your audition judges with confidence.
  8. During the audition, worry less about the executing the exact choreography and more about bringing something special to the work—show them who you are!
  9. If you’re not sure about something, including choreography, don’t be afraid to ask for direction—then, immediately apply the information.
  10. Smile and thank your audition judges for the opportunity to audition.