The Residency Program is a unique opportunity for a community of high-caliber contemporary/modern dance artists to focus on professional and creative development during a one-year residency. The Program is a model of process and community building, that strives to have repercussions on a scale beyond that of art making. Residents are encouraged to collaborate with each other, without the specific goal or pressure of a performance product, though this may be a natural outcome of the program. During their residency, artists are supported in developing work of their own design and sharing in each other’s process while defining short and long-term creative goals.

Over the past nine years, the Residency Program has supported and cultivated dozens of independent choreographers and contemporary dance companies, including Patelworks Dance Theater, DRIP, Emotions Dance Company, Tajma Dance and many more. Artists accepted into the Residency Program receive rehearsal space, business mentoring and production resources that make it possible to publicly showcase new works and, ultimately, allow choreographers to launch their own dance companies. The Residency Program is designed to incubate the next generation of contemporary dance professionals, with an emphasis on exploration, experimentation and, above all else, collaborative process.

To apply for entry into the Residency Program, please follow the Application Guidelines.



The Center for Contemporary Dance encourages contemporary/modern dance choreographers and artistic directors from all backgrounds to apply. It is recommended that applicants come not with specific projects in mind, but a willingness to share their skills and sensibilities, and an openness to discovering new projects through collaboration with others.

Residency Term:
One year from the date of acceptance. All decisions are announced within 30 days from the date of receipt. Applicants will be contacted via email or phone to confirm receipt of application materials.

To learn more about applying for Residency, please view the materials for application.



To apply, please send the following materials:

  1. One copy of the Application Form.
  2. A two page (maximum) C.V., listing most recent accomplishments first, including a listing of choreographic works, performance experience, education, languages spoken and additional
    dance-related experience.
  3. One letter of recommendation from an established professional in the dance field relative to your career progress and/or your collaborative experience.
  4. A DVD clearly labeled with your name, showing AT LEAST 2, BUT NO MORE THAN 3, representative samples of your work as a performer, improviser, and/or choreographer – A COMBINED TOTAL LENGTH OF 10 MINUTES MAXIMUM IS ALLOWABLE. Additionally, the applicant MUST appear in at least one of the samples. DVDs in any regional format are accepted.
  5. The Video Description Form.



The Center for Contemporary Dance: Residency Programs
3580 Aloma Avenue #7, Winter Park, FL 32792

Direct questions or further inquiries to Craig W. Johnson at Craig@TheCenterForDance.org.