Joyful & Triumphant

Winter 2013 Student Concert
Joyful & Triumphant
December 21, 2013 at 7:00 PM
Hagerty High School
3225 Lockwood Blvd
Oviedo, Florida 32765
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$15 at the door Cash/Check Only
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The Center for Contemporary Dance offers a performance-based education without competitions or recitals. All students, regardless of age or skill level, have the opportunity to participate in a professionally-developed Winter Concert that takes place at the close of the fall term.  The Winter 2013 Student Concert, Joyful & Triumphant, brings together the beauty of contemporary dance with the powerful intention of peace-making.  Dance works explore perspectives in peace, from the smallest of endeavors to global possibilities.

The Center for Contemporary Dance does not allow the use of regular class hours for performance preparation. Regular classes are reserved for the practice of broad skill sets and limiting class time to the learning of a single performance routine is not conducive to a holistic education in dance. For this reason, students in the Concert attend special rehearsals, separate from regular classes; this model gives students the additional experience of ‘learning like a professional,’ with exposure to industry standards that come with Concert preparation. Join us for this rewarding artistic experience!

Casting Deadline

Students must register for participation in the Winter Concert by the casting deadline of Thursday, October 3, 2013.

Registration materials are available at the lobby service desk.

Participation Fee
A non-refundable participation fee for each student is required and includes the cost of all rehearsal hours and costume fees for a single group number. The fee schedule is as follows:
Fully enrolled students: $175 per show (Includes rehearsals, first costume, 2 tickets and 1 DVD)
Drop-in students: $250 per show (Includes rehearsals and first costume)
Minimum deposit required to register:  $50
Costume fee per additional group number:
$55 – fully enrolled students
$75 – drop-in students
All fees and balances must be paid in full by October 3, 2013.  Faculty approval is required for participation in more than one number and/or solos; additional fees apply.


New Students: Because The Center for Contemporary Dance admits students on a rolling basis, those who enroll in the School after the casting deadline of Saturday, September 7, 2013 will be admitted into the Winter Concert on a case-by-case basis. Determination is made by the Artistic Director. New students accepted into the Concert must pay registration and costume fees in full at the time of registration.

Production Schedule

Rehearsals for the Winter Concert begin the week of September  2, 2013. A separate Production Schedule will be provided with a detailed listing of all rehearsal dates. In general, all rehearsals take place either before or after a student’s regularly scheduled class, or on Saturdays for 1 to 2 hours between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. Rehearsals for students under age 16 do not usually run longer than 1 hour. Please see a CCD representative for a detailed Production Schedule and view the Concert Information Sheet for additional rehearsal requirements.

Final Rehearsals & Show

Production participants are required to attend four to six final all-cast rehearsals at The Center for Contemporary Dance. Please refer to the Concert Information Sheet for a detailed schedule of final rehearsals and an outline of production requirements. The final production will take place at 7:00 p.m. on Saturday, December 21, 2013 at Hagerty High School, located at 3225 Lockwood Boulevard in Oviedo, Florida 32765.

Absence Policy

Students are permitted a total of three (3) absences from rehearsals; students who miss more than three (3) rehearsals may be excused from the Concert without refund.

Class Attendance

Student performers must attend at least one (1) regular class from the current Class Schedule with consistent dedication. This requirement is part of the student’s education in professionalism and artistic development. Excessive absences from regular classes may result in dismissal from a particular number and/or the production as a whole without refund.


The Winter Concert is open to the public with a general admission ticket price of $12 if purchased in advance and $15 if purchased at the door. Except for children under the age of 4, all Concert attendees must have a ticket to enter the Theatre. Each student performer will be issued a ticket packet containing ten (10) tickets, priced at $12 each; participants are required to sell a minimum of ten (10) tickets. Unsold tickets must be purchased by the student.

Creative Considerations

Though all participants who successfully meet the production requirements are guaranteed a place in the performance, no guarantee is made with respect to the role a student will play or the length of time a student participant will appear on stage. Due to the spontaneous and evolving nature of art, all roles are subject to change without notice up to the date of the performance.