Audition Location
The Center for
Contemporary Dance
3580 Aloma Ave #7
Winter Park, FL 32792
About the Academy

Children are the most creative people on earth. When properly nurtured, their intuitive creativity becomes a marketable skill they will use as future scholars, artists and innovative leaders who manifest unimagined change in the world. The Creative Movement Academy is designed to teach young dancers ages 2 through 7 how to harness and apply their natural creativity, positioning it as a necessary tool for long-term success.

Facilitated by dance educators with years of experience in their field, The Creative Movement Academy maintains an exploratory curriculum that doesn’t limit or define the young dancer. Rather, the Academy ensures that students experiment with various dance styles so they may have a full range of experiences that empower them to make informed choices when they are ready for higher-level, discipline-specific classes.

Using dance as a medium for cultivating a child’s natural sense of wonder, imagination and exploration, The Creative Movement Academy has been developed in accordance with the National Standards for Dance Education. In addition to receiving an outstanding, developmentally-appropriate education in dance, Academy students practice 3 primary elements used by all great achievers: Co-Creative Process, Experiential Learning, and Character Development.

Three Primary Elements

The Co-Creative Process
Academy students are validated as important contributors to the development of in-class dance works, giving them the confidence to freely express their ideas and inherent creativity. Through this process, students learn valuable skills in self expression, critical thinking and collaboration that provide the foundation for future success in dance, academics, leadership, sports and other artistic endeavors.

Experiential Learning
Often children are told they can become anything they dream, but less often are they told how to get there. Academy students practice the art of information-gathering, using the world around them as a limitless resource for continuing education; to emphasize this concept, students are given practical learning experiences with field trips to performances, behind-the-scenes tours, and participation in semester-end student concerts that provide real-world encounters in the arts and life.

Character Development
All great leaders are of good character, actively using their talents to positively impact the communities in which they live. Academy students learn how to ‘act with good intention,’ using the classroom environment as a practice ground for building skills in thoughtfulness, respect for others and follow-through. Each lesson involves character-building exercises, inspiring young students to proactively share, listen and collaborate in arenas that extend beyond the classroom community.