1. I’m an adult with no previous dance training. Is it too late for me to start dance lessons?

No! The Center for Contemporary Dance offers the area’s largest selection of classes for adults (including beginners), so rest assured there’s a class waiting for you. You’ll be in good company, because there are plenty of adult students just like you who are starting their training at The Center for Contemporary Dance. Call us at (407) 695-8366 or email info@TheCenterForDance.org so we can learn more about your goals and make initial class recommendations.


2. Is it true that my first class is free?

Yes. All new students receive their first class free of charge without any obligation of any kind. Once you experience the School and our impeccable approach to dance education, we’re certain you’ll register whenever you feel ready to do so. Take a look at the current class schedule and find a class you’d like to try. Then contact us to let us know you’ll be attending, so we can reserve a place for you.


3. I’m a former dancer who’d like to return to dance. Where should I begin?

Welcome back to dance! We recommend starting with a beginner ballet class along with a stretch and flexibility class. These classes allow for a safe re-entry to dance by focusing on activation of the core, stability training and muscle lengthening. You can certainly add a beginner modern or jazz class to your routine, but starting with the basics is always best. Feel free to call (407) 695-8366 or email info@TheCenterForDance.org so we can learn more about you and make personalized recommendations.


4. I’m a senior citizen. Are there classes for me?

Of course! The School is proud to offer a comprehensive and inclusive curriculum designed with students of all ages in mind. For the mature adult, we recommend the Nia Technique, a stretch and flexibility class and/or one of our Dance for Life dance classes. When combined, these classes keep joints healthy, improve cardiovascular fitness and encourage creative expression. Contact us so we can learn more about you and make personalized recommendations.


5. How do I audition for entry into one of your professional dance companies?

We’re always interested in welcoming new and diverse artists to our dance ensembles.  Take a look at our current audition opportunities or email your résumé and headshot to info@TheCenterForDance.org.


6. How does your student concert differ from the recitals offered at other studios?

The Center for Contemporary Dance offers a performance-based education without recitals.  The primary differences between a standard studio recital and CCD’s professionally-developed Student Concerts are: Education Philosophy, Cost, and Professional Development.

Education Philosophy: Unlike most studios, CCD does not allow the use of regular class hours for performance preparation. Regular classes are reserved for the practice of broad skill sets and limiting class time to the learning of a single performance routine (as is done with recital preparation) is not conducive to a holistic education in dance. For this reason, students in the Concert attend special rehearsals, separate from regular classes; this model gives students the additional experience of ‘learning like a professional,’ with exposure to industry standards that come with Concert preparation.

Cost: Participation in recitals typically costs between $600 and $1200 per student. The average cost to participate in a Concert is $375, which covers all rehearsal hours and costumes. As a nonprofit arts organization, part of CCD’s mission is to ensure that cost doesn’t prohibit a student from the artistic education and experience they deserve. CCD doesn’t believe parents and Concert participants have to spend hundreds of dollars on unnecessary ‘production costs,’ when the focus of any artistic presentation should be the creative work itself.

Professional Development: Unlike recitals, CCD’s Concerts are designed to engage students artistically, technically and intellectually. Students will not simply regurgitate performance choreography; rather, Concert participants (regardless of age) are mentored by industry professionals from CCD’s dance ensembles in areas of choreography, production management, artistic development and creative expression. Students walk away from their Concert experience with a better understanding of what it means to be a working artist, with something important to share.


8. Do you offer private lessons?

Yes. Private lessons can be arranged with one of our Master Teachers who are skilled in helping you prepare for weddings, auditions or achieving your personal goals in any discipline, including ballet, modern jazz, hip hop and much more. Private lessons start at $75/hour and can be arranged by calling (407) 695-8366. Discounts are available with the purchase of 5 or more private lessons.


9. My child wants to be a professional dancer. What do you recommend?

The Center for Contemporary Dance offers a highly-respected, results-oriented Pre-Professional Program that has been producing the next generation of dancers for more than 5 years. Pre-professional students are prepared for a dance career or university dance program through a comprehensive curriculum that employs the National Standards for Dance Education. Pre-professional classes are designed to train the student in areas of technique, artistic development, dance history, production, wellness/nutrition and arts management. All students perform in the pre-professional ensemble, U-Turn Dance Company; advanced students also apprentice with CCD’s resident dance companies. To learn more about auditions for the Pre-Professional Program, please contact us.


10. What makes your School different from the studios?

More than a standard studio, The Center for Contemporary Dance is a leading Florida cultural organization supported by United Arts of Central Florida and partner of the Orange County Arts Education Center. Recently named one of America’s top nonprofit arts organizations by GreatNonprofits.org, The Center for Contemporary Dance doesn’t operate in studio circles; rather, the organization functions as an integral component of Central Florida’s evolving artistic landscape, offering world-class performances and inclusive dance education programs to students of all ages, levels, shapes and abilities. Operating in accordance with the National Standards for Dance Education, the organization is dedicated to providing an environment focused on technical and artistic development, ensuring every student is given the opportunity to discover and express his/her most creative voice in dance.


11. Do you offer discounts on tuition for families?

Yes. Discounts on tuition, concert fees, workshops and special programs are offered to families who register 2 or more students from the same household. Call us at (407) 695-8366 or email info@TheCenterForDance.org to inquire about discounts on specific programs.


12. I’m overweight and interested in attending classes at your School. Am I going to feel out of place?

Absolutely not! We’re proud to offer one of the most welcoming environments for dancers of all shapes and sizes. You may be interested in our MoveFit Total Wellness Program, customized to help you reach your individual fitness and creative goals. Included in the Program are dance classes, expert nutrition guidance and personalized menu plans. We’re here to support you and make you feel at home! Contact us to learn more and to receive additional class recommendations.


13. My 3-year-old has a natural interest in dance. Do you have classes for young children?

Yes, and you are to be commended for wanting to cultivate the artistic interests of your child. The Creative Movement Academy for young dancers ages 2 -7 is designed to support the development of your child’s intuitive creativity. Facilitated by dance educators with years of experience in their field, the Academy ensures that students experiment with various dance styles so they may have a full range of experiences that empower them to make informed choices when they are ready for higher-level, discipline-specific classes. Students in the Academy also learn skills in creative process, critical thinking and character development. Call (407) 695-8366 or email info@TheCenterForDance.org to arrange a trial class for you child so our educator’s can assess and place them in a developmentally-appropriate class.